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Glenridge is an integral part of the St. Louis Christian Science Community

Glenridge Annual Meeting 2022

A replay of the 2022 Glenridge Annual meeting, including the inspiring talk on the restoration of three of Mary Baker Eddy's homes, is now available below:

The speakers for this year’s Annual Meeting were Glenridge Board members Ellen Williams and Jared Eggers.  Ellen was a Trustee at Longyear Museum for many years and Jared served on the museum staff.  Jared is now a Journal listed Christian Science Practitioner.  Ellen and Jared will share insights into the life of Mary Baker Eddy which they and others gained during restoration work at the eight (8) Mary Baker Eddy houses that Longyear owns.  Tours of the historic homes are open to the public.

About Glenridge

A volunteer board of seven local Christian Scientists oversees Glenridge’s finances and activities.

Volunteers come to Glenridge weekdays to read the Christian Science Bible Lesson with residents.

To help the Saint Louis Christian Science community learn about the mission of Glenridge we hold three events each year at Garden Villas:

  • A fall luncheon by the executive chef of Garden Villas
  • A Christmas party with holiday entertainment and refreshments
  • An Annual Meeting to share Glenridge progress and goals. This meeting includes an inspiring address by an experienced Christian Scientist

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